Leptolaena cuspidata Baker

Schatz, G. E., Lowry, P. P. & Wolf, A. - E., 2001, Endemic families of Madagascar. VII. A synoptic revision of Leptolaena Thouars sensu stricto (Sarcolaenaceaea)., Adansonia 23, pp. 171-189: 177-178

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Leptolaena cuspidata Baker


2. Leptolaena cuspidata Baker 

J. Linn. Soc. Bot. 25: 296 (1889). Leptolaena multiflora var. cuspidata (Baker)  H. Perrier, Bull. Soc. Bot. France 78: 60 (1931).Type: Baron 5835 [cited in protologue as " next 5836 "], Madagascar, chiefly from north-west Madagascar, fr. (holo-, K!; iso-, P!).

Leptolaena cuspidata  is a shrub to small tree that occurs in the subhumid forest of the Sambirano region in NW Madagascar, below 500 m elevation (Fig. 3). It can be recognized by its distinctive densely golden yellow granular farinose involucre and lanceolate to ovate, longcuspidate leaves.

Vernacular names.Zahana, Zahena, Zana.

Conservation status.With an extent of occurrence <20,000 km 2, an area of occupancy <2,000 km 2, and only three of 14 sub-populations encompassed within protected areas, L. cuspidata  is assigned a preliminary status of Vulnerable (VU).

Material examined.Baron 5836, 6283, without precise locality; Baum 333, Ambodimanga; Birkinshaw 1, Antsatsaka; Bosser 20152, Ampasindava; Cours 5674, Mt. Ambohiparaka; Decary 938, 1165, 2095, Maromandia; Decary 14775, 14794, Ambilobe; Derleth 89, Manongarivo RS; Gentry 11870, 57 - 58 km N of Ambanja; Hildebrandt 3306, Vavatobe; Humbert 18752, Ambanja; Humbert 19041, Ambodimagodro; Humbert 25580, SW of Ambilobe; Humbert 32649, Ankarana RS; Humbert 32873, Ambohipiraka; Perrier de la Bathie 3021, Ambanja; Perrier de la Bathie 3023, Maromandia; Perrier de la Bdthie 5340, Ambohipiraka; Perrier de la Bdthie 15677, bas Sambirano; Phillipson 2017, Beramanja; Ravololonanahary 37, Ambato; Service Forestier 3078, Irano (Irarona) to Beramanja; Service Forestier 3141, 3142, Andilamboay; Service Forestier 3171, Tsaratanana RNI; Service Forestier 7501, Bekaka to Benavony; Service Forestier 8225, Anjahakely (= Ampahakely); Service Forestier 10434, Ambilobe; Service Forestier 11486, Manongarivo RS; Service Forestier 12987, Anjakely; Stiefel 68, Manongarivo RS; Totozafy Be 563, Manongarivo RS.