Harpegnathos saltator

Jerdon, T. C., 1851, A catalogue of the species of ants found in southern India., Madras Journal of Literature and Science 17, pp. 103-127: 117

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Harpegnathos saltator

N. S

25. Harpegnathos saltator  HNS  , N. S.

Worker, head long, granulated; jaws with a strong tooth near the base pointing downwards and inwards, and thence gradually tapering to the tip, and finely serrated, l- 6 th of an inch long; thorax barely grooved; abdominal pedicle small, low, ovate; abdomen very long; sting large; head and abdomen blackish brown, thorax and legs rufous. - Length 3 / 4 of an inch.

1 have not seen this remarkable Ant in the Carnatic. I first saw it at Tellicherry, and subsequently in other parts of Malabar. It is also found in the Mysore country as I learn from Mr. Hamilton, a most talented and industrious Amateur Entomologist.

I have given it the name of saltator  HNS  from its power of making nest surprising jumps which it does when alarmed or disturbed. [[ ... ]] very pugnacious, and bites, and stings very severely. It makes [[ ... ]] nest under ground, generally about the roots of some plant. [[ ... ]] society does not consist of many individuals. It appears to [[ ... ]] ca insects, which it often seizes alive.