Chromidotilapia nana

Anton Lamboj, 2003, Chromidotilapia melaniae and C. nana, two new cichlid species (Perciformes, Cichlidae) from Gabon, Central Africa., Zootaxa 143, pp. 1-15: 10

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Chromidotilapia nana


[[ Chromidotilapia nana  ZBK  ]]

Considering it´s relatively slender body and the low number of gill rakers on the lower limb of the first branchial arch, C. nana  ZBK  (9-10 rakers) is similar to C. mrac  ZBK  (8-9 rakers), but differs from the latter species in a poorly developed sexual dimorphism and dichromatism as well as in breeding behaviour (ovophilic in the former vs. larvophilic mouthbrooder in the latter). However, both exhibit a characteristic pattern of two rows of dark spots and blotches on the flanks, a feature which is not evident in other species within the genus.