Anochetus nietneri

Brown, WL Jr.,, 1978, Contributions toward a reclassification of the Formicidae. Part VI. Ponerinae, tribe Ponerini, subtribe Odontomachiti. Section B. Genus Anochetus and bibliography., Studia Entomologica 20, pp. 549-638: 593

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Anochetus nietneri


[19] Anochetus nietneri  HNS 

The type worker of A. nietneri  HNS  in MNK-Berlin is strongly distinct from all congeners I have seen. HL 1.54, HW across ocular prominences 1.37, ML 1.03, greatest diameter of eye 0.23, WL 2.09 mm; Cl 89, MI 67. Body bright ferruginous, head smooth and shining except for striation between frontal carinae. Propodeum, taking up about half of truncal dorsum, transversely striate. Sides and discs of pro- and mesonotum almost completely smooth and shining; pronotal cervix transversely striate. Petiolar node narrowly dome-shaped, surmounted by a stumpy, curved, apical tooth that points backward.

Mandibles curved; inner margin of each armed with just 2 prominent teeth near midlength; a distal long, slender tooth that is more than half as long as the dorsal apical tooth, and a smaller proximal one.