Tetramorium simillimum, Nyl.

Forel, A., 1893, Formicides de l'Antille St. Vincent. Récoltées par Mons. H. H. Smith., Transactions of the Entomological Society of London 1893, pp. 333-418: 382-383

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Tetramorium simillimum, Nyl.


2. Tetramorium simillimum, Nyl.  HNS 

(No. 34 a et 34 b). [[ worker ]] [[ queen ]]. Cosmopolite dans les tropiques.

(34 a). Golden Grove House (leeward); open place, 300 ft.; under a stone close to the house. Oct. 30 th.

(34 b). Another nest (or part of the same formicarium); same locality and date. A few feet distant from 84 a, under a stone.