Derichthys serpentinus

Marcia Salustiano de Castro & Ana Cristina Teixeira Bonecker, 2005, Leptocephali collected off the eastern coast of Brazil (12 ° – 23 ° S)., Zootaxa 935, pp. 1-28: 11

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Derichthys serpentinus


In the present study five specimens of Derichthys serpentinus  ZBK  Gill were collected during the spring and autumn cruises (Figure 16). They occurred along the Vitória-Trindade ridge over the seamounts Jaseur and Almirante Saldanha. This species can be easily distinguished from the other two because it has fewer than 100 preanal myomeres (Smith, 1989g). Although D. serpentinus  ZBK  is widely distributed through the Atlantic Ocean (Smith, 1989g), it has never been recorded for Brazil. It was not possible to count the myomeres of the smallest leptocephali. Study Material: DZUFRJ 2811, 2812, 2846; five specimens; preanal myomeres 67-83; predorsal myomeres 45-50; LVBV myomeres 59-61; total myomeres ca 125; 11.5-55.0 mm SL.