Coleosporium ipomoeae

Hernandez, J. R., Piepenbring, M. & Rios, M. B. V., 2007, A new species, Dicheirinia panamensis, and new records of rust fungi from Panama., Mycol Progress 6, pp. 81-91: 87

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Coleosporium ipomoeae


Coleosporium ipomoeae  (Schwein.)

Burrill on Ipomoea  sp. Panama, Chiriqui Province, Distrito de Alanje, La Barqueta, 8°18.258'N, 82°34.822'W, 27 Nov. 2004, leg. J.R. Hernandez 2004-134, II-III (BPI 864101). Panama, Chiriqui Province, Quebrada Cermeno, Cascada, 8°30.598TN, 82°26.193'W, 28 Nov. 2004, leg. J.R. Hernandez and R. Mangelsdorff 2004- 149, II (BPI 864102).

C. ipomoeae  is widespread in Central, North, South America and the Caribbean and is reported from several countries in Africa and Asia on species in the Convolvulaceae and Pinaceae (Farr et al. 2004; Hernandez et al. 2005a, b). This is the first report of C. ipomoeae  from Panama.