Trigonopterus allotopus Riedel

Riedel, Alexander, Taenzler, Rene, Balke, Michael, Rahmadi, Cahyo & Suhardjono, Yayuk R., 2014, Ninety-eight new species of Trigonopterus weevils from Sundaland and the Lesser Sunda Islands, ZooKeys 467, pp. 1-162: 8-9

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Trigonopterus allotopus Riedel

sp. n.

Taxon classification Animalia Coleoptera Curculionidae

5. Trigonopterus allotopus Riedel  sp. n.

Diagnostic description.

Holotype, male (Fig. 5a). Length 2.40 mm. Color black; antennae ferruginous. Body ovate, almost without constriction between pronotum and elytron; in profile evenly convex. Rostrum punctate, weakly rugose. Eyes with dorsal margin bordered by furrow, continuous with forehead, not carinate. Pronotum subglabrous, sparsely punctate. Elytra subglabrous, striae hardly visible but marked by few deeper punctures along basal margin and near apex. Femora microreticulate, punctate. Metafemur with posteroventral edge rimmed by costa; posterior surface with longitudinal impression; with smooth dorsoposterior edge; subapically without stridulatory patch. Mesotibia basally rounded; subapically with uncus and larger premucro. Metatibia subapically with fringe of curved, white setae; with uncus, without premu cro. Abdominal ventrite 2 swollen, with posterior edge projecting, medially forming common cavity with ventrite 1; ventrite 5 dull, microreticulate, punctate, with shallow subapical impression. Penis (Fig. 5b). Apex symmetrical, with median triangular extension; transfer apparatus dentiform, apically bordered by pair of L-shaped sclerites; ductus ejaculatorius with indistinct bulbus.

Material examined.

Holotype (MZB): ARC1513 (EMBL # LM655611), West Nusa Tenggara Prov., Sumbawa, Batu Dulang, Mt. Batu Pasak, sample 2, S08°37.028', E117°15.783', 1305 m, 12-IV-2010.


West Nusa Tenggara Prov., Sumbawa (Batu Dulang). Elevation: 1305 m.


This epithet is the latinized form of a combination of the Greek adjective allos (foreign) and the noun topos (place). The species marks the Southwestern limit of the Trigonopterus politus  - group´s distribution which is most diverse in the Papuan region.


Trigonopterus allotopus  Riedel, sp. n. was coded as " Trigonopterus  sp. 331" by Tänzler et al. (2014). The holotype was taken from a sample of sifted leaf litter; however, based on observations of the other species of the Trigonopterus politus  -group its occurrence on foliage appears more likely.