Pseudecheneis suppaetula

Heok Hee Ng & Heok Hui Tan, 2007, Pseudecheneis maurus, a new species of glyptosternine catfish (Teleostei: Sisoridae) from Central Vietnam., Zootaxa 1406, pp. 25-32: 32

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Pseudecheneis suppaetula


P.suppaetula  :

NRM 36977 (holotype), 84.1 mm SL;GoogleMaps  NRM 36968 (1 paratype), 41.3 mm SL;GoogleMaps  NRM 36974 (2 paratypes), 66.6-77.5 mm SL; India: Himachal Pradesh, Ganges River drainage, upper reaches of Giri River, in Chhaila area (in the vicinity of Kotkhai) , 31°6'15"N 77°25'56"E.GoogleMaps