Ompok borneensis

Heok Hee Ng & Heok Hui Tan, 2004, Ompok platyrhynchus, a new silurid catfish (Teleostei: Siluridae) from Borneo., Zootaxa 580, pp. 1-11: 9

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Ompok borneensis


Ompok borneensis  :

ZRC 2968 (14), 72.7-110.6 mm SL; Borneo: Sarawak, near Sibu.  ZRC 40374 (1), 101.0 mm SL; Brunei: Tutong District, base camp at Tasik Merimbun, Sungai Meluncur (4°34'52.9"N 114°41'24.4"E).  ZRC 40378 (1), 148.8 mm SL; Brunei: Tutong District, Tasik Merimbun (4°35'22.4"N 114°40'21.6"E). 


Singapore, National University of Singapore, Raffles Museum of Biodiversity Research, Zoological Reference Collection