Orthogonius sarawakensis Tian & Deuve, 2006

Tian, Mingyi & Deuve, Thierry, 2016, A review of the sarawakensis species group of the ground beetle genus Orthogonius MacLeay, 1825 (Coleoptera, Carabidae, Orthogoniini), ZooKeys 594, pp. 99-110: 102

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Orthogonius sarawakensis Tian & Deuve, 2006


Taxon classification Animalia Coleoptera Carabidae

Orthogonius sarawakensis Tian & Deuve, 2006  Figs 1B, 2 A–C

Orthogonius sarawakensis  Tian & Deuve, 2006: Tian and Deuve 2006: 133.

Type material.

Length: 15.0 mm; width: 7.0 mm. Habitus as in Fig. 2A.


Head dark brown, other parts of the body yellowish brown; head stout, as long as wide; labrum slightly emarginated at frontal margin; clypeus even near base, with two longitudinal furrows along both side, joining to frontal impressions respectively; mentum bisetose; pronotum transverse, PW/PL = 1.55, widest at about middle, strongly convex; lateral expanded margins almost flat, equal wide throughout; elytra elongate ovate, EL/LW = 1.54; base well-bordered; the 3rd interval with three setiferous pores, all are located on the interval; tarsal claws pectinate; prosternal process unbordered at apex, abdominal ventrite VII shallowly emarginated at apical margin in male.

Male genitalia (Fig. 2B, C): Short and robust, expanded in median portion; in dorsal view, apical lobe elongated, gradually narrowed towards apex, with apical lamella evidently longer than wide.

Female: Unknown.


Easily separated from its congeners, Orthogonius perakicus  Tian & Deuve, 2007 and Orthogonius morvanianus  sp. n., by its unbordered prosternal process at apex, pointed elytral apex, and more elongated apical lobe of aedeagus.

Material examined.

1 male, the holotype, "Nord Borneo, Mont Kina Balu, 5-8, 1903, John Waterstradt", in MNHN; 1 male, same data as in holotype, in SCAU.


Malaysia (Sarawak).