Laelaps incrassatus , Cope ED, 1876

Cope ED, 1876, Descriptions of some vertebrate remains from the Fort Union beds of Montana, Proceedings of the Academy of Natural Sciences of Philadelphia 28, pp. 248-261: 248-249

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Laelaps incrassatus

sp. nov.

Laelaps incrassatus  , sp. nov.

Represented by two teeth, a larger and a smaller, which were found near each other, but not sufficiently so as to warrant the belief that they pertain to the same individual.

The characteristic feature of these teeth is, that the transverse diameter of thle base of the crown exceeds its anteroposterior, a point in whlich it differs fromn all the other carnivorous dinosaurians yet knowni from the formation. Nevertheless, the posterior cutting edge is median, and is denticulated. The anterior cutting edge, which is also denticulated, is nearly median at the apex, but continues along one side of the wideninig anterior face to the base of the crowni. The posterior cutting edge is nearly straight, wlhile the anterior is rather abrubtly curved at the apex.

The anterior and posterior edges are not lateral in position as in Aublysodon lateralis  .

Measurements. M. No. 1. No. 2. Length of crown.025.014 Diameter at base antero-posterior.012.006 transverse.0135


A large species. Discovered by Jno. C. Isaac  .