Amblyraja badia (Garman, 1899)

David A. Ebert & Chante D. Davis, 2007, Descriptions of skate egg cases (Chondrichthyes: Rajiformes: Rajoidei) from the eastern North Pacific., Zootaxa 1393, pp. 1-18: 3

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Amblyraja badia (Garman, 1899)


Amblyraja badia (Garman, 1899) 

Remarks: Originally described from off Panama, this species has subsequently been reported from the ENP, north to the Bering Sea and westward to Japanese waters (Ebert, 2003). This is the only ENP species for which we have been unable to positively identify egg cases. Garman (1899) noted two egg cases that were dredged up during the Albatross expedition of 1891, the same expedition in which the holotype of A. badia  was collected. However, the egg cases were collected at a different, although nearby, location from where the A. badia  was caught.  Therefore, it is uncertain whether these egg cases belong to that species. The egg cases were described by Garman (1899) as “covered with fine villi or pile, in longitudinal series, though harsh to the touch gives the appearance of a soft rich black velvet”. We attempted to locate these egg cases that were accessioned at the Museum of Comparative Zoology (MCZ 1009 and 1010), Harvard University for further examination, but they appear to have been lost (Ann Holmes, curator, MCZ, pers. comm.).