Triplophysa papilloso-labiatus (Kessler 1879)

Jinlu Li, Naifa Liu & Junxing Yang, 2007, A brief review of Triplophysa (Cypriniformes: Balitoridae) species from the Tarim Basin in Xinjiang, China, with description of a new species., Zootaxa 1605, pp. 47-58: 51

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Triplophysa papilloso-labiatus (Kessler 1879)


[[ Triplophysa papilloso-labiatus (Kessler 1879)  ]]

Triplophysa papilloso-labiatus (Kessler 1879)  , one of the dominant Triplophysa  species in the Tarim Basin, has been recently regarded as a synonym of T. tenuis (Day 1877)  by many authors (Zhu 1989; Wu & Wu 1991; Yang & Zhang 1991; Ren et al 2005), but other authors regard it as a valid species name (Wu & Wu 1990; Wu & Tan 1991; Zhao 1991; Yang & Jing 1991; Yang & Tang 1995). Triplophysa tenuis  was originally described as “Air-vessel in two portions, enclosed in bone”. The posterior portion of air bladder is rudimentary and reduced (Day 1877); however, T. papilloso-labiatus  has a free posterior portion of the air bladder, so T. tenuis Day  is different from T. papilloso-labiatus  and T. papilloso-labiatus  is a valid species.