Pheidole lamellinoda Forel

Collingwood, C. A., Pohl, F., Güsten, R., Wranik, W., van Harten, A., 2004, The ants (Insecta: Hymenoptera: Formicidae) of the Socotra Archipelago, Fauna of Arabia 20, pp. 473-495: 478

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Pheidole lamellinoda Forel


Pheidole lamellinoda Forel  , 1902 Figs 3-4

Pheidole lamellinoda Forel  , 1902. - Rev. Suisse Zool. 10: 166. (India).

Pheidole lamellinoda  . - COLLINGWOOD 1985: 254; COLLINGWOOD & VAN Harten 1994: 39.

Specimens examined: Yemen, Socotra Island:spms from Adho Dimello , IV.1967, K.M. Guichard, NHMB  ; spms from Hadibo , 03-06.X.1998, A. van Harten, CCC  ; spms from Di Lisheh , 05.X.1998, A. van Harten, CCC  ; 5 major ☿☿, 16 minor ☿☿, 2 pupae, 1 larva, Adho Dimello, base camp , 12°34'N 54°02'E, 940 m, 03.II.1999, H. Pohl, HLMD-Hym-2070, NHCYGoogleMaps  .

Remarks: This interesting species was described from the Indian mainland, where records suggest that it is rather local. It has not been found in Arabia and has not been reported as an introduced species elsewhere. The presence of a ventral forward-directed translucent lobe on the petiole of the major workers characterises the species. Minor workers, lacking this character, may be difficult to tell apart from several congeners, including P. teneriffana Forel  , 1893, which does have a distinctly lower postpetiolar node.


Switzerland, Basel, Naturhistorisches Museum


Caroline Chaboo Collection