Culicoides eublepharus Macfie, 1948,

Carvalho, Luis Paulo Costa, Farias, Emanuelle de Sousa, Gil, Luiz Herman Soares, Pessoa, Felipe Arley Costa & Medeiros, Jansen F, 2017, New species records of Culicoides biting midges (Diptera: Ceratopogonidae) for the state of Rondonia in Brazilian Amazon, Biodiversity Data Journal 5, pp. 13075-13075: 13075

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Culicoides eublepharus Macfie, 1948


Culicoides eublepharus Macfie, 1948 

Culicoides eublepharus  Synonyms: C. transferrans  Ortiz, 1953


Type status: Other material. Occurrence: recordedBy: J.F. Medeiros; individualCount: 1; sex: female; lifeStage: adult; Location: country: Brazil; stateProvince: Rondônia; municipality: Cacoal; verbatimCoordinates: 11°25'53"S; 61°26'52"W; Event: samplingProtocol: HP light traps; eventDate: 2014-11-12 /21; habitat: forest fragmentGoogleMaps 


Eyes narrowly separated, with long interfacetal hairs; third palpal segment moderately swollen, with a broad, shallow, sensory pit; wing with four pale spots in a rhomboid in cell r3, the distal pair usually fused and broadly attaining wing margin anteriorly; two pale spots each in cells m1 and apices of cells m2 and anal cell; pale spots present behind medial fork and in front of mediocubital fork; halter yellowish; spermatheca one, oval with a short portion of the duct sclerotized ( Wirth and Blanton 1959).


Mexico, Costa Rica to Venezuela and Ecuador and Brazil (Amazonas, Pará, Roraima and now in Rondônia) ( Borkent and Spinelli 2007, Farias et al. 2016a, Macfie 1948 and Santarém and Felippe-Bauer 2017).


This species was here recorded for the first time in Rondônia State.