Odontomachus haematoda, L., var. breviceps , Crawley W. C., 1915

Crawley W. C., 1915, Ants from north and south-west Australia (G. F. Hill, Rowland Turner) and Christmas Island, Straits Settlements. Part 2, Ann. Mag Natur. Hist. 15, pp. 232-239: 239

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Odontomachus haematoda, L., var. breviceps

var. n.

Odontomachus haematoda, L., var. breviceps  HNS  , var. n.

☿ . - L. (including mandibles) 8.5 mm.

Length of mandibles 1.2 mm. ; width of head 1.6 mm. ; length of head 2.1 mm. Head much shorter, broader, and less emarginate behind than in the type. Occipital lobes much more rounded. Head widest at the eyes. Sculpture, pubescence , &c., as in the type.

Colour : dark chestnut, legs paler.

One ☿ .collected in March 1914, and kindly submitted to me by my friend Mr. D. Ward Pinkney