Culicoides trilineatus Fox, 1946

William L. Grogan, Jr., Spinelli, Ronderos, María M. & Carla, 2013, The biting and predaceous midges of Guadeloupe Diptera: Ceratopogonidae). I. Species of the subfamily Ceratopogoninae, Insecta Mundi 2013 (324), pp. 1-21 : 5

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Culicoides trilineatus Fox


Culicoides trilineatus Fox

Culicoides trilineatus Fox, 1946: 250 ( Virgin Islands); Fox 1949: 30 ( Puerto Rico); Vitale et al.1981: 146 (in key to species in the C. debilipalpis group); Wirth et al. 1988: 50 (in Neotropical Wing Atlas; distribution); Borkent and Spinelli 2000: 42 (in New World catalog south of the USA; distribution); Spinelli et al. 2005: 13 (in review of hematophagous Ceratopogonidae of Argentina; Paraguay record; in key; wing photograph); Borkent and Spinelli 2007: 75 (in Neotropical catalog; distribution).

Culicoides (Oecacta) trilineatus: Wirth 1974: 36 (in New World catalog south of the USA; distribution).

Discussion. This Neotropical species was originally described by Fox (1946) from the female holotype from St. Thomas, Virgin Islands, and then soon after, Fox (1949) described the male from Puerto Rico. It was also subsequently recorded from Barbados, Dominica, Grenada, St. Croix and Saint Lucia ( Wirth and Blanton 1974), and from Paraguay ( Spinelli et al. 2005). In the recent past, it was assigned to the subgenus Oecacta (Wirth 1974) and to the debilipalpis species group ( Vitale et al. 1981), but most modern authorities consider it unplaced to subgenus or species group ( Borkent and Spinelli 2000, 2007). We provide the first records of C. trilineatus from Guadeloupe.

New records. Guadeloupe, Basse Terre, Pointe a Lezard, 17-V-2012, R. H. Turnbow, BL trap, 1 male, 1 female ; same data except 20-V-2012, 1 male ; same data except La Trace du Petit-Malendure, 21-V-2012, 1 male, 1 female. New Guadeloupe record .


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Culicoides trilineatus Fox

William L. Grogan, Jr., Spinelli, Ronderos, María M. & Carla 2013

Culicoides trilineatus

Borkent, A. & G. R. Spinelli 2007: 75
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Fox, I. 1949: 30
Fox, I. 1946: 250
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