Elateridae Leach, 1815,

Bouchard, Patrice, Bousquet, Yves, Davies, Anthony E., Alonso-Zarazaga, Miguel A., Lawrence, John F., Lyal, Chris H. C., Newton,, 2011, Family-group names in Coleoptera (Insecta), ZooKeys 88, pp. 1-972: 146

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Elateridae Leach, 1815


Family Elateridae Leach, 1815 

Elaterides  Leach, 1815: 85 [stem: Elater-]. Type genus: Elater  Linnaeus, 1758. Comment: the oldest available name for this family is Cebrionidae  Latreille, 1802, however Elateridae  Leach, 1815 is maintained here pending resolution of an application to the ICZN being prepared by P. J. Johnson (see Lawrence and Newton 1995: 852; P. J. Johnson pers. comm. 2009).