Melanopsis gracilenta Pallary, 1911

Neubauer, Thomas A., 2016, A nomenclator of extant and fossil taxa of the Melanopsidae (Gastropoda, Cerithioidea), ZooKeys 602, pp. 1-358: 134

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Melanopsis gracilenta Pallary, 1911


Taxon classification Animalia Sorbeoconcha Melanopsidae

Melanopsis gracilenta Pallary, 1911 

Original source.

Pallary 1911: 130, [unnumbered plate], fig. 19.

Type locality.

"Tout près d’Oudjda, à 4 kilom. S.-E., sourdent les belles sources de Sidi-Yahia qui alimentent une véritable oasis, puis la ville d’Oudjda, et vont finalement se déverser dans l’oued Isly" [near Oujda, 4 km southeast, at the sources of Sidi Yahya that feed an oasis and the city of Oujda, and ultimately will flow into the Oued Isly], Morocco.