Agra minasianus Erwin

Erwin, Terry L., 2010, Agra, arboreal beetles of Neotropical forests: pusilla group and piranha group systematics and notes on their ways of life (Coleoptera, Carabidae, Lebiini, Agrina), ZooKeys 66, pp. 1-28: 9-10

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Agra minasianus Erwin

sp. n.

Agra minasianus Erwin  sp. n. Fig. 10View Figure 10


Brazil: Minas Gerais, (Laferte)(MNHNP: ADP 060090, female).

Derivation of specific epithet.

The epithet " minasianus " is a Latinized adjective meaning "derived from, or pertaining to" Minas Gerais, a State in Brazil, and the type area.

Proposed English vernacular name.

Minas Elegant Canopy Beetle.


With the attributes of the genus and species-group as described above and scape and legs bicolored, frons laterad, anterior to eye, unicarinate and smooth, prothorax moderately setiferous both laterally and ventrally, and elytra barely constricted at apical third, side margin slightly arcuate, apex moderately lobed medially, lobe obtusely dentate, smaller species.


Size: Very small, ABL = 7.2 mm, SBL = 6.24 mm, TW = 1.5 mm. Color: Head and prothorax black, legs and scape bicolored; flagellar antennomeres and mouthparts piceous. Luster: Matte. Head: Labrum moderately elongate and truncate apically, anterior margin slightly emarginate medially. Frons laterad, anterior to eye, un icarinate and smooth. Gena rounded to constricted neck in females. Genae and occiput with sparse coarse punctures, some setiferous.

Prothorax: Slightly broader at basal third, constricted near base and flared basally; surface densely punctate, laterally and ventrally setiferous, pronotum apparently with six lateral setae as in other species of the group, but not present on holotype. Pterothorax: Elytron markedly convex, intervals not costate, interneurs of rows of somewhat laterally ovate punctures, some in doubles, apex lobate, lobe well developed obtuse projection, apical dentation asymmetric, lateral and sutural apices slightly produced, each obtuse. Metasternum sparsely setiferous in female. Legs: Normal. Abdomen: Abdominal sterna III to VII of female moderately and bilaterally setiferous; sternum VII of female barely emarginate, corners rounded. Male genitalia: Unknown. Female ovipositor: Stylomere 2 as in Agra notpusilla  ( Fig. 7View Figure 7).

Dispersal potential.

These beetles are macropterous and are probably capable of flight; they are swift and agile runners.

Way of life.

Adults of other Agra  species are found in the canopy of rainforest trees; known larvae of this genus ( Arndt et al. 2001) are found under the bark of these trees, however they must also roam on the surface, as they have been collected by insecticidal fogging techniques in the very early morning before first light. The single specimen of Agra minasianus  has no associated data on its labels.

Other specimens examined.


Geographic distribution.

( Fig. 10View Figure 10). This species is currently known from Minas Gerais, Brazil.