Scolopendra fissispina L. Koch, 1865

Thofern, Detlef, Dupérré, Nadine & Harms, Danilo, 2021, An annotated type catalogue of the centipedes (Myriapoda: Chilopoda) held in the Zoological Museum Hamburg, Zootaxa 4977 (1), pp. 1-103 : 73

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Scolopendra fissispina L. Koch, 1865


123. Scolopendra fissispina L. Koch, 1865 View in CoL

L. Koch 1865: 891–892 (as Scolopendra fissispina )

Type locality and specimens. Vorkommen [Occurrence]. Penang (Ostindien [East India]) .

Dimensions. Länge des Körpers: 0 m. 06 [body length 60 mm]. Länge eines Schleppbeines: 0 m. 016 [length of a ultimate leg 16 mm].

Type material. Holotype ( ZMH-A0003531 ). MALAYSIA: Penang State [Pulau Pinang] [ca. 5°26’N, 100°20’E]. GoogleMaps

Preservation. 1 jar: Label. Scolopendra subspinipes Leach var. fissipina L. Koch (pencil).

Old type catalogue. Weidner (1960), p. 70, No. 78. Holotype.

Taxonomic remarks. According to Kohlrausch (1879), Koch used a specimen from the Museum Godeffroy (No. 2030) for his description. Haase (1887: 46) referenced this specimen as one of the varieties of S. subspinipes (S. subspininipes: “Var. Scol. Fissispina”), noting that he had other specimens from the museums in Leiden and Berlin that were collected in Sumatra. In contrast, Kraepelin (1903: 260) listed S. fissispina as a junior synonym of S. subspinipes, var. dehaani Brandt 1840 , and critizised Haase’s division of S. subspinnipes into two varieties (Var. fissispina and Var. concolor) because he found both to overlap morphologically ( Kraepelin 1903: 261). Haase also mentioned that his variety “Var. Scol. Fissispina” may actually deserve species rank (“Bei strengerer Fassung des Artbegriffes können diese Varietäten auch als Spezies angesehen werden.”) but Kraepelin obviously did not agree with this assessment. Finally, Kronmüller (2012) elevated S. subspinipes, var. dehaani to species level because it lacks ventral spines at the prefemur of the terminal legs that are present in subspinipes . Regardless of taxonomic assignments, the present specimen is the holotype of fissispina sensu Koch, 1865 and listed as such in the ZMH catalogue.

Current systematic position. Scolopendra dehaani (Brandt, 1840) according to Kronmüller (2012: 24).


Zoologisches Museum Hamburg

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