Polyergus rufescens

Smith, F., 1858, Catalogue of the hymenopterous insects in the collection of the British Museum. Part VI. Formicidae., London: British Museum: 57-58

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Polyergus rufescens


Polyergus rufescens  LSID  . B.M.

Formica rufescens, Latr.  LSID  Hist. Nat. Fourm. 186. pl. vii. f. 38 [[queen]].

Losana, Form. Piem. 324.

Formica testacea, Fabr.  LSID  Syst. Piez. 400. 16 [[worker]]?

Nyl. Form. Fr. et d'Alger, p. 75 (note).

Polyergus rufescens, Latr.  LSID  Hist. Nat. Ins. et Crust, xiii. 256.

St. Farg. Hym. i. 198. 1.

Guer. et Perch. Gen. des Ins. t. 4. f. 1 [[male]], 2 [[queen]].

Schenck, Beschr. Nass. Ameis. 70. 137.

Polyergus rufescens  LSID  , Mayr. Form. Austr. 112. 1; Ungar. Ameis. p. 15.1.

Nyl. Form. Fr. et d'Alger. 74. 1.

Hab. France; Switzerland; Germany; Austria.

This is the species whose interesting habits are detailed by Huber, and which is so well known as the Slave-making Ant. Like the F. sanguinea  LSID  , it plunders the nests of various species, its communities being principally formed of the captives which it enslaves. It has not yet been found in this country, and appears to be rare even in the north of France; but in the south and also in Switzerland it does not appear to be uncommon.