Myocoptes japonensis Radford

Reeves, Will K., Durden, Lance A., Ritzi, Christopher M., Beckham, Katy R., Super, Paul E & Oconnor, Barry M., 2007, Ectoparasites and other ectosymbiotic arthropods of vertebrates in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park, USA, Zootaxa 1392, pp. 31-68: 55

publication ID 10.5281/zenodo.273680

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Myocoptes japonensis Radford


Myocoptes japonensis Radford 

Ex Myodes gapperi  (southern red­backed vole): 2 F, NC, Swain Co., Indian Gap, 3 Jun. 2001, E. B. Pivorun, L­ 2975.

Whitaker & Wilson (1974) reported M. japonensis  from three species of voles (including M. gapperi  ) and one species of sciurid ( Marmota monax  ) in North America but this is the first record for North Carolina  and the Park.

Myocoptes musculinus (Koch) 

Ex Mus musculinus  (house mouse): 1 F, TN, Sevier Co., Keener House (Hdq. area), 6 Jul. 1937.

Ex Ochrotomys nuttalli  (golden mouse): TN, Sevier Co., near Cosby, 1964­1966 (Linzey 1968; Linzey & Linzey 1968).

Ex Peromyscus maniculatus  (deer mouse): 2 F, NC, Haywood Co., Purchase Knob, 19 Oct. 2002, K. Walters, L­ 3046; 4 F, NC, Haywood Co., Purchase Knob, 20 Nov. 2002, K. Walters, L­ 3037.

Although M. musculinus  primarily infests the house mouse, Whitaker & Wilson (1974) provide records from six species of native North American rodents including O. nuttalli  from the Park. However, our record from P. maniculatus  represents the first for North Carolina  .