Haematopinus suis

Reeves, Will K., Durden, Lance A., Ritzi, Christopher M., Beckham, Katy R., Super, Paul E & Oconnor, Barry M., 2007, Ectoparasites and other ectosymbiotic arthropods of vertebrates in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park, USA, Zootaxa 1392, pp. 31-68: 33

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http://doi.org/ 10.5281/zenodo.273680

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Haematopinus suis


Haematopinus suis  (L.)—hog louse

Ex Sus scrofa (feral hog): 1 F, NC, Haywood Co., Cataloochee, 1995, L­ 2931; TN, Blount & Sevier Cos., 1979–1980 ( Smith et al. 1982, Durden et al. 1997 a); TN, Blount Co., 16 Oct. 1986, S. Patton; TN, Sevier Co., 1 Apr. 1980, S. Patton (Durden et al. 1997 a).

The hog louse occurs almost worldwide as a host­specific parasite of domestic and feral hogs ( Durden & Musser 1994). Feral hogs are not native to the Smoky Mountains but they are established there ( Linzey 1995). Haematopinus suis  is a vector of Swinepox Virus and Eperythrozoon parvum (Durden 2002)  .