Reeves, Will K., Durden, Lance A., Ritzi, Christopher M., Beckham, Katy R., Super, Paul E & Oconnor, Barry M., 2007, Ectoparasites and other ectosymbiotic arthropods of vertebrates in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park, USA, Zootaxa 1392, pp. 31-68: 37-38

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Family Trichodectidae 

Trichodectid lice are ectoparasites of mammals including carnivores, hyraxes, rodents, ungulates, and some primates ( Lyal 1985).

Neotrichodectes mephitidis (Packard) 

Ex Mephitis mephitis  (striped skunk): NC, Swain Co., Oconaluftee, 25 Nov. 2003, W. K. Reeves; GSMNP ( Komarek & Komarek 1938) (as Neotrichodectes  sp.).

Few skunks have been examined for ectoparasites in the Park. This louse parasitizes both striped and hooded ( Mephitis macroura  ) skunks ( Price et al. 2003).

Neotrichodectes minutus (Paine) 

Ex Mustela frenata noveboracensis  (long tailed weasel): 4 L, TN, Sevier Co., Mt. LeConte, 15 Sep. 1959, P. Huff.

Neotrichodectes minutus  is an ectoparasite of both the long tailed weasel and black­footed ferret ( Mustela nigripes  ) ( Price et al. 2003).

Neotrichodectes osborni Keler 

Ex Spilogale putorius  (eastern spotted skunk): 1 M, TN, Sevier Co., unnamed service rd., 20 Dec. 1950, Pfizer and Conaway.

Neotrichodectes osborni  is a host­specific ectoparasite of the eastern spotted skunk) ( Price et al. 2003). Stachiella mustelae (Schrunk) 

Ex Mustela nivalis  (least weasel): NC, Jackson Co., Balsam Gap, 24 Jul. 1959, A. L. Atchison.

This louse is host­specific to the least weasel ( Price et al. 2003). Balsam Gap is adjacent to the GSMNP

on the Blue Ridge Parkway.

Trichodectes pinguis euarctidos Hopkins 

Ex Ursus americanus  (black bear): 1 F, TN, Sevier Co., Park Headquarters, 1999, L­ 2930. Few black bears in the Park have been examined for ectoparasites, but we assume that this bear­specific

louse ( Price et al. 2003) is common. This is the first record of this louse from the Park.

Tricholipeurus lipeuroides (Mégnin) 

Ex Odocoileus virginianus  (white­tailed deer): TN, Blount Co., Cade’s Cove, 1983–1984 ( Hribar et al. 1986). This louse parasitizes mule deer ( Odocoileus hemionus  ) and white­tailed deer in North America ( Price et

al. 2003). Additional examinations of deer in the Park will determine the abundance of T. lipeuroides  .

Tricholipeurus parallelus (Osborn) 

Ex Odocoileus virginianus  (white­tailed deer): TN, Blount Co., Cade’s Cove, 1983–1984 ( Hribar et al. 1986). The comments stated above for T. lipeuroides  also apply to this species.


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