Pinocchio Huber & Carvalho

Huber, Bernhard A. & Carvalho, Leonardo S., 2019, Filling the gaps: descriptions of unnamed species included in the latest molecular phylogeny of Pholcidae (Araneae), Zootaxa 4546 (1), pp. 1-96: 35

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Pinocchio Huber & Carvalho

gen. n.

Pinocchio Huber & Carvalho  gen. n.

Type species. Pinocchio barauna  sp. n.

Etymology. The genus is named for Carlo Collodi’s fictional character whose famous nose reminds of the projecting clypeus in the type species; gender masculine.

Diagnosis/Description. See diagnosis and description of single known species below.

Notes. The recent molecular phylogeny of Pholcidae ( Eberle et al. 2018)  placed the Brazilian Pinocchio  as sister to the two Old World genera Ninetis Simon, 1890  + Magana  gen. n. (“Gen.n. Om6”). Morphologically, Pinocchio barauna  differs from known Old World Ninetinae  in several characters: modified clypeus, large male palpal femur, complex tip of procursus, and complex bulbal process. These morphological differences as well as the geographic separation from the putative sister group are here taken to justify the creation of a new genus.