Appolloni, Massimo, Smriglio, Carlo, Amati, Bruno, Lugliè, Lorenzo, Nofroni, Italo, Tringali, Lionello P., Mariottini, Paolo & Oliverio, Marco, 2018, Catalogue of the primary types of marine molluscan taxa described by Tommaso Allery Di Maria, Marquis of Monterosato, deposited in the Museo Civico di Zoologia, Roma, Zootaxa 4477 (1), pp. 1-138 : 88

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abyssicola , Helonyx [ Cadulus subfusiformis (M. Sars, 1865) ] ( Figures 40L, M View FIGURE 40 )

1875b: 21 [XIII: 247]—available name

Type material. MCZR–M–12932 —4 sh “Palermo”// 7 sh + frg, label on the box bottom: “ H. subfusiformis M. Sars ( Cadulus = H. abyssicola, Monts G. O. Sars p. 106 tav 20 fig 14 a. b”

Type locality. Described from Palermo (Sicily).

Remarks. The name was proposed as a variety of Helonyx subfusiformis (M. Sars, 1865) , describing it as “piccolissima benché adulta” [“very small, yet adult”] (Monterosato, 1875a: 21). Giannuzzi– Savelli & Piani (1990: 144) regarded it as a nomen nudum, yet this introduction includes a distinctive character (small adult size), and we consider it as a description. Monterosato (1878a: 77), raised the name to the rank of species. Later on, however, he listed H. abyssicola as a synonym of H. subfusiformis (M. Sars, 1865) (Monterosato, 1880c: 65). Recorded by MolluscaBase (2018) as a synonym of Cadulus subfusiformis (M. Sars, 1865) .

attenuatus, Dentalium [ Cadulus attenuatus (Monterosato, 1875) ] ( Figures 40N, O View FIGURE 40 )

1872a: 27 [V: 65]—nomen nudum

1875b: 21 [XIII: 247]—available name

Type material. MCZR–M–12924 —137 sh “ Cadulus cyathus De Crist. e Jan Ficarazzi.” (Brugnone’s handwriting).

Type locality. Described from Monte Pellegrino † and Ficarazzi † (Sicily).

Remarks. The name (nomen nudum in Monterosato, 1872a), was validated by Monterosato (1875b: 21) when he put it in the synonymy of C. cyathus De Cristofori & Jan, 1832 describing the material from Ficarazzi. This was accepted by Pilsbry & Sharp (1898: 158) and Caprotti (1968: 78) and eventually by Steiner & Kabat (2004), a position that we share. This is a group with a complicated taxonomy (see e.g. Caprotti, 1968 and Moroni & Ruggeri, 1981 for diverging opinions). According to Di Geronimo & La Perna (1997) C. attenuatus is distinct from both C. ovulum and C. cyathus . Recorded by MolluscaBase (2018) as Cadulus attenuatus Monterosato, 1875 .