Appolloni, Massimo, Smriglio, Carlo, Amati, Bruno, Lugliè, Lorenzo, Nofroni, Italo, Tringali, Lionello P., Mariottini, Paolo & Oliverio, Marco, 2018, Catalogue of the primary types of marine molluscan taxa described by Tommaso Allery Di Maria, Marquis of Monterosato, deposited in the Museo Civico di Zoologia, Roma, Zootaxa 4477 (1), pp. 1-138 : 87

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brugnonei, Dentalium [ Dentalium brugnonei Monterosato, 1891 ] ( Figures 40E, F View FIGURE 40 )

1891c: 15 [XL: 948]—available name

Type material. MCZR–M–12947 —30 + 2 sh labelled “Dent. brugnonei = brevifissum (non Desh.) Brugnone foss. di Ficarazzi”

MCZR–M–12945 —5 sh “ Dentalium Brugnonei Monts = brevifissum Brug. non Desh. Ficarazzi”

Type locality. Described from Ficarazzi † (Sicily).

Remarks. Taxon introduced to replace Dentalium brevifissum Brugnone, 1876 , not Deshayes, 1826. The types refer to Brugnone’s name. The name is followed by the mark “F.”, standing for the well–known Lower Pleistocene deposits of Ficarazzi (Palermo). Evidently unaware of Monterosato (1891), Steiner & Kabat (2004) highligthed the same homonymy and proposed the same replacement name for Dentalium brevifissum Brugnone, 1876 , not Deshayes, 1826: i.e. Dentalium brugnonei Steiner & Kabat, 2004 [sic!]. Dentalium brugnonei and Dentalium brevifissum are both recorded by MolluscaBase (2018) as taxon inquirendum. It is a valid fossil species [new status].

philippii, Dentalium [ Fissidentalium rectum (Gmelin, 1791) ] ( Figures 40G, H View FIGURE 40 )

1872a: 27 [V: 65]—available name

Type material. MCZR –M–12933 —31 + 5 sh “D. delessert. v. flexilis Monts = D. flexila Monts. Monte Pellegrino”, it is to note that the box includes material from different localities, now undistinguishable from the type material from Monte Pellegrino comunicazione.

MCZR–M–25166 —8 sh “ Dentalium delessertianum Chenu fossili Pliocene Ficarazzi pr. Palermo”

Type locality. Described from Monte Pellegrino † and Ficarazzi † (Sicily).

Remarks. Recorded by MolluscaBase (2018) as taxon inquirendum. The name was introduced by means of an indication for Dentalium striatum Lamarck, 1818 [not Born, 1778], sensu Philippi (1844: 208). Later on Monterosato (1877c: 40) adopted the name Dentalium delessertianum Chenu, 1843 , reporting his own D. philippii as a synonym. Monterosato’s name is a primary homonym of Dentalium philippii Chenu, 1843 , already introduced for Dentalium striatum Lamarck , sensu Philippi. Therefore, like Dentalium delessertianum (Pilsbry & Sharp, 1898: 213; Caprotti, 1979: 223; Steiner & Kabat, 2004: 582, 630), Dentalium philippii Monterosato, 1872 is another junior synonym of Fissidentalium rectum (Gmelin, 1791) [new synonymy].


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