Phanaeus (Notiophanaeus) bravoensis Moctezuma, Sanchez-Huerta & Halffter, 2017

Kohlmann, Bert, Arriaga-Jimenez, Alfonsina & Roes, Matthias, 2018, Dung beetle vicariant speciation in the mountains of Oaxaca, Mexico, with a description of a new species of Phanaeus (Coleoptera, Geotrupidae, Scarabaeidae), ZooKeys 743, pp. 67-93 : 76

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Phanaeus (Notiophanaeus) bravoensis Moctezuma, Sanchez-Huerta & Halffter, 2017


Phanaeus (Notiophanaeus) bravoensis Moctezuma, Sanchez-Huerta & Halffter, 2017 View in CoL

Phanaeus bravoensis : Moctezuma et al. (2017: 115, 118-122).


Recently this species has been described as found in Guerrero. Here we complement its poorly known distribution with new localities from the Blackaller private collection:

Guerrero (38 specimens): S. del Alquitrán, 1470 m 22-VI-1990 Luz L. Delgado, J. Blackaller col.; Palo Blanco, 20-VI-1990 Alt. 1400 m Bosque de pino-encino; Bosque Mesófilo, Alt. 1,710 mts. Coprotrampa exc. humano, 28 jun-24 jul/2055 EPE 5 mts., 17°22'N, 99°30'W L. Muñoz and J. Blackaller col.; Pino-Encino, alt. 1100-1380 m, En hongos (dentro de galería), 31/Jul/2004, 17°21'N, 99°30'W; 1100-1250 mts., 11/Jul/2004, 17°21'N, 99°29'W. Mochitlán, San Roque (8 km al este de Acahuizotla) Bosque Tropical y Bosque de Encino, Alt. 1130 m, CD en hongos, Ago-sept. 2013, 17°22'N, 99°25'W EPE 5 mts. Blackaller col.; (8 km al noreste de Ximilcotitlán), Bosque de Pino y de Encino, Alt. 2140 m, 7-VIII-2015 CD en hongos, 17°23'N, 99°23'W; 2 km al este de Ximilcotitlán, Alt. 1680 m, 07-08-VI-2009, en hongos, 17°22'N, 99°25'W; 5 km al este de Acahuizotla (camino a San Roque), Bosque de Encino y ET, Julio-2007, Alt 1010 msnm Trampa de luz CG 17°21'N, 99°26'W.

Moctezuma et al. (2017) report this species seemingly copro-necrophagous. It is reported here to be also mycetophagous and living not only in pine-oak forest, but also in the cloud forest.