Ricola Isbruecker & Nijssen, 1974

Raphael Covain & Sonia Fisch-Muller, 2007, The genera of the Neotropical armored catfish subfamily Loricariinae (Siluriformes: Loricariidae): a practical key and synopsis., Zootaxa 1462, pp. 1-40: 35

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Ricola Isbruecker & Nijssen, 1974


Ricola Isbruecker & Nijssen, 1974  ZBK  .

Type species: Loricaria macrops Regan, 1904  ZBK  .

Lectotype: BMNH 1868.9.16.1, Argentina, Rio de la Plata . 

Gender: feminine.

This monotypic genus is known from the lower Paraná River basin. Ecological and behavioral data are unavailable. This genus is interesting in many respects. It shares features with representatives of different groups within Loricariini  . For example, it possesses conspicuous fringed barbels on the lower lip, a feature shared by the representatives of the Pseudohemiodon  ZBK  group. It also bears numerous papillae on the inner surfaces of the lips and numerous straight bicuspid teeth (approx. 15 per premaxillae) that are characteristic of the Rineloricaria  ZBK  group.