Leucotrichia mutica Flint, 1991

Thomson, Robin E., Armitage, Brian J. & Harris, Steven C., 2022, The Trichoptera of Panama. XIX. Additions to and a review of the genus Leucotrichia (Trichoptera, Hydroptilidae) in Panama, ZooKeys 1111, pp. 425-466 : 425

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Leucotrichia mutica Flint, 1991


Leucotrichia mutica Flint, 1991

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This species is similar to L. melleopicta ; both species display ranges that include Panama. As discussed under L. melleopicta , these species share similarities in the dorsal sclerite of the phallus apex, although this sclerite is much smaller than that seen in L. melleopicta (Fig. 12E View Figure 12 ), and the general shape of the inferior appendage. Leucotrichia mutica can be recognized separately from L. melleopicta by the tapering mesoventral process on segment VII (Fig. 12A View Figure 12 ), and by the prominent basal loop of the phallus (Fig. 12D, E View Figure 12 ).

Material examined.

Panama: Bocas del Toro Province • 17 males; Cuenca 093; Chiriqui Grande District; Quebrada Rambala ; Rambala Jungle Lodge ; 8.91627°N, 82.15469°W; 120 m a.s.l.; 7-9 Oct. 2016; E. Carlson, leg.; Malaise trap; in alcohol; MUPADI • ibid GoogleMaps ., 10 males; 15-20 Nov. 2016 • ibid GoogleMaps ., 6 males; 21-31 Dec. 2016 • ibid GoogleMaps ., 6 males; 6-12 Feb. 2017 • ibid GoogleMaps ., 14 males; 12-15 Jun. 2017 • ibid GoogleMaps ., 47 males; 28-30 Jun. 2017. Comarca Ngäbe Buglé • 1 male; Quebrada Martinez, Bosque Protector Palo Seco, Alto de Valle ; detrás de las caseta de MiAmbiente , M0002; 8.79424°N, 82.1904724°W; 480 m a.s.l.; 24 May-6 Jun. 2018; Y. Aguirre, T. Ríos, leg.; Malaise trap; in alcohol; MUPADI GoogleMaps . Chiriqui Province • 1 male; Cuenca 108; Boquete District; Quebrada Grande ; Valle Escondido ; 8.7797°N, 82.44016°W; 1,122 m a.s.l.; 11 Mar. 2018; T. Arefina-Armitage, leg.; UV light trap GoogleMaps 6 males; 29 Apr.-2 May 2018; Malaise trap • ibid GoogleMaps ., 1 male; 21 May 2018; UV light trap • ibid GoogleMaps ., 1 male; 8.783645°N, 82.444287°W; 1,147 m a.s.l.; 27-30 May 2018; Malaise trap • ibid GoogleMaps ., 1 male; 17-20 Jun. 2018 • 6 males; 23 Jul. 2018; UV light trap • ibid GoogleMaps ., 2 males; 10 Nov. 2018. Veraguas Province • 1 male; Cuenca 097; Santa Fe District; Santa Fe National Park ; afl. Rio Calovebora ; PSPSCB-NPSF-C-097-2017-005; 8.54318°N, 81.16398°W; 515 m a.s.l.; 19-23 Apr. 2017; Malaise trap; in alcohol; COZEM GoogleMaps .


Colombia, Panama.


Leucotrichia mutica in Thomson and Holzenthal (2015) was drawn from the holotype of the species from Colombia. This specimen had the lower half of the phallus missing from the medial ring-like structure downward, leaving only the apical portion. The species was fairly common in Panama, and we were able to identify it from the apical portion of the phallus, which in Leucotrichia is typically diagnostic, as well as the other genitalic features. Based on the fact that Thomson and Holzenthal’s original description was based on this single specimen from Colombia, we redrew it in Harris and Armitage (2019) to better reflect variation in the species and to include the basal portion of the phallus. The latter can be very useful in the diagnosis of the species.