Melanopsis pichleri " mentioned in (Pichler 1856: 735-736)

Neubauer, Thomas A., 2016, A nomenclator of extant and fossil taxa of the Melanopsidae (Gastropoda, Cerithioidea), ZooKeys 602, pp. 1-358: 215

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Melanopsis pichleri " mentioned in (Pichler 1856: 735-736)


Taxon classification Animalia Sorbeoconcha Melanopsidae

† " Melanopsis pichleri " mentioned in (Pichler 1856: 735-736) 


Late Cretaceous.


"Auf zwei Puncten der Brandenberger Ache. Ungefähr ¾ Stunde nördlich von Binneck [...]. Etwa eine Viertelstunde unter Binneck [...] am linken Ufer der Ache" [At two points along the Brandenberger Ache: about three quarters of an hour north of Pinegg and a quarter of an hour south of Pinegg in Tyrol], Austria.


First mentioned as nomen nudum in Pichler (1856), who attributed the authority to Hörnes. It was validly described by Stoliczka (1860: 487, pl. 1, figs 6-9), but not considered a Melanopsidae  there or later (see, e.g., Yen 1958: 206).