Timo Moritz, 2007, Description of a new cyprinid species, Labeo meroensis n. sp. (Teleostei: Cyprinidae), from the River Nile., Zootaxa 1612, pp. 55-62: 55

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[[ Labeo  ]]

Four species of Labeo  have been reported so far from the Nile basin, excluding Lake Victoria, i.e. Labeo niloticus ( Forskal, 1775)  , L. horie Heckel, 1847  , L. coubie Rueppel, 1832  and L. forskalii Rueppel, 1835  (Heckel, 1847; Sandon, 1950; Abu-Gideiri, 1984; Bailey, 1994). In January 2006 during an ichthyological investigation on the River Nile in the Republic of Sudan a small Labeo  species was found, similar in general appearance to L. ogunensis Boulenger, 1910  from West Africa. Morphometrics and meristics, however, soon revealed differences from every Labeo  species described until know. Herein the new species L. meroensis  is described using meristics, morphometrics and live coloration.