Psednos steini Chernova 2001

David L. Stein, 2005, Descriptions of four new species, redescription of Paraliparis membranaceus, and additional data on species of the fish family Liparidae (Pisces, Scorpaeniformes) from the west coast of South , Zootaxa 1019, pp. 1-25: 20

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Psednos steini Chernova 2001


Psednos steini Chernova 2001  ZBK 

Because the specimen (USNM 200488, subsequently designated as the holotype) had disintegrated, Chernova (2001) described this species using Stein’s (1978) description of it as Psednos micrurus Barnard 1927  ZBK  . Unfortunately, Chernova did not have the original data taken from the specimen, nor was she aware of a radiograph of it. Comparison of her redescription with the original counts and measurements indicates that in some respects her description should be modified in accordance with these data.

In particular: the nostril is not level with eye center, but rather above it; the retroarticular angle of the lower jaw is on a vertical anterior to the posterior margin of the eye, not under it; the lower pectoral lobe is longer than the upper, not shorter (UPL 55.5 % HL, 13.6 % SL; LPL 78.9 % HL, 19.3 % SL). The base of the lowermost pectoral fin ray is on a vertical at about half the postocular distance, rather than at 3/4. Vertebrae are 41 (10+31), neither unknown nor 43 as stated, and the specimen definitely had five caudal fin rays.