Cothonaspis ( Cothonaspis ) pacifica Yoshimoto,

Carl M. Yoshimoto, 1962, Hymenoptera: Eucoilinae (Cynipoidea), Insects of Micronesia 19 (3), pp. 89-107: 105-106

publication ID 10.5281/zenodo.268892

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Cothonaspis ( Cothonaspis ) pacifica Yoshimoto

n. sp.

12. Cothonaspis ( Cothonaspis) pacifica Yoshimoto  , n. sp. (fig. 11).

Female: Black; antennae and legs ferrugineus, abdomen fuscous.

Front view of head as in figure 11, c; malar space equal to one-half height of eye; hairs on frons evenly spaced, forming a column on each side extending from base of antennal fossa to posterior margin of clypeus. Surface of mandible with few scattered hairs. Antennal club striate and with seven indistinct elliptical segments; antennal segments 1 and 2 half as long as broad; segments 3 to 5 equal in length, segments 6 to 13 slightly longer than 3 to 5. Pronotal plate rectangular, median-dorsal margin deeply emarginate; posterior margin of pronotum with a row of evenly spaced hairs. Lateral part of postocciput and base of pronotum with patch of sparse hairs. Metapleuron with three long whitish hairs evenly spaced at anterior part of dorsal margin, and 6 to 7 hairs evenly spaced at posterior part of lateral comer. Lateral bar apically acuminate and reaching onethird distance of cup. Scutellar cup ovate, surface with a large depression just beyond center of cup, margin with 8 small pits. Propodeum with two parallel strongly raised lines; sparse hairs over entire propodeum. Abdomen 0.4 longer than broad. Only tergite 2 visible. Length 1.1 mm.; forewing 1.2 mm.

Male: Unknown.

Holotype, female (BISHOP 3337), Wake, Peale I., Aug. 1, 1940, on radish leaf, Lyons.

DISTRIBUTION: Eastern Micronesia (Wake I.).