Aristolochia macginitieana J.Freitas & Doweld, 2021

Freitas, Joelcio & Doweld, Alexander B., 2021, Aristolochia macginitieana (Aristolochiaceae), a replacement name for Aristolochia triangularis MacGinitie non Aristolochia triangularis Chamisso, Phytotaxa 500 (1), pp. 59-60 : 59

publication ID 10.11646/phytotaxa.500.1.11

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scientific name

Aristolochia macginitieana J.Freitas & Doweld

nom. nov.

Aristolochia macginitieana J.Freitas & Doweld , nom. nov.

Replaced name:— Aristolochia triangularis MacGinitie (1937: 137) , nom. illeg. non Chamisso (1832: 209).

Holotype:—[fossil leaf] USA: California, Trinity County, Redding Creek, Nº 1029 ( UCMP ( Palaeobotany Collection ), Museum of Paleontology , University of California, Berkeley , USA) – illustrated by MacGinitie (1937: pl. 5, fig. 5).

Etymology:―The new name is dedicated to Harry D. MacGinitie (1896–1987), who made important contributions to palaeobotany in North America and described originally Aristolochia triangularis MacGinitie.

Occurrence:—Lower Oligocene (Rupelian); North America.

IFPNI: 75F107D5-9B7B-2AFE-9702-93FC19913252.


University of California Museum of Paleontology

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