Apteronotus albifrons (Linnaeus, 1766)

Carlos David de Santana, 2003, Apteronotus caudimaculosus n. sp. (Gymnotiformes: Apteronotidae), a sexually dimorphic black ghost knifefish from the Pantanal, Western Brazil, with a note on the monophyly of the A. albifrons, Zootaxa 252, pp. 1-11: 1

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Apteronotus albifrons (Linnaeus, 1766)


[[ Apteronotus albifrons (Linnaeus, 1766)  ]]

Apteronotus albifrons (Linnaeus, 1766)  is the most widespread apteronotid species, occurring from Napo River in Equador to rivers in the state of Maranhão, Brazil, and from the Orinoco River to the state of Rio Grande do Sul in Southern Brazil. There are no records of the species in the trans-Andean region (Albert, 2001) and eastern coastal rivers of Brazil (Campos-da-Paz, 1997). All black ghost knifefish populations are refereed to the specific name of A. albifrons  , although there is a large variation in body shapes (de Santana, 2002). The aim of this paper is to describe a new species of Apteronotus  ZBK  related to A. albifrons  from the Pantanal wetlands, Paraguay River basin, in the State of Mato Grosso do Sul, Central Brazil.