Phthorima obscuripennis ( Hedwig 1938, Homocidus

Klopfstein, Seraina, 2014, Revision of the Western Palaearctic Diplazontinae (Hymenoptera, Ichneumonidae), Zootaxa 3801 (1), pp. 1-143 : 78

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Phthorima obscuripennis ( Hedwig 1938, Homocidus


Phthorima obscuripennis ( Hedwig 1938, Homocidus   )

Diagnosis. (Male unknown). Fore wing length 3.8–4.3 mm. Antenna with 17 flagellomeres. Face without a sulcus between compound eye and base of mandible, at most with a change in sculpture instead. Clypeus with a subapical depression, rendering the basal three-quarters convex. Propodeum with carination complete. Second metasomal tergite as long as basally wide, with punctures and coriaceous sculpture surpassing basal half, third tergite punctate and with coriaceous sculpture on its entire length.

Colouration of females. Antenna black. Head and mesosoma black, face with or without a very small yellow central face patch, orange on clypeus and mouthparts, yellow on hind corner of pronotum, tegula, and sometimes upper mesepimeron; scutellum black or marked with yellow. Legs orange, coxae and trochanters mostly black; femora orange; hind tibia orange to brown, often dark apically, hind tarsus dark. Metasoma black.

Material examined. Holotype of Homocidus obscuripennis Hedwig   : Poland, Kreis Habelschwerdt, Wustung , leg. Hedwig, 30.VII. 1921. 1♀, at NMF.  

New for Sweden: Stockholm, leg. Malaise, 2.VIII .. 2 ♀, at NRM.   New for Switzerland, Vaud, Le Jorat , 850m, N 46.589, E 6.7079, leg. Beaumont, 15.IX. 1956. 1♀, at MZL GoogleMaps   ; Neuchâtel, Rochefort , La Tourne , 1200m, N 46.99, E 6.7879, leg. Beaumont, 17.VIII. 1955. 1♀, at MZL GoogleMaps   ; Valais, Champéry , Col de Bretolet 1900m, N 46 ° 8.541, E 6 ° 47.727, leg. H.Baur, 1.VIII. 2007. 1♀, at NMBE. GoogleMaps  

Distribution. Palaearctic.


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