Woldstedtius melanocnemis

Klopfstein, Seraina, 2014, Revision of the Western Palaearctic Diplazontinae (Hymenoptera, Ichneumonidae), Zootaxa 3801 (1), pp. 1-143 : 112

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Woldstedtius melanocnemis


Woldstedtius melanocnemis ( Bauer 1981, Syrphoctonus)

Diagnosis. (Male unknown). Fore wing length 5.0– 5.2 mm. Antenna in females with 23–24 flagellomeres. Face not broadened, not conspicuously widened ventrally. Mesopleuron finely and evenly coriaceous. Propodeum largely reduced, coriaceous only in part, petiolar area smooth and polished with lateral and median carinae or carinulae.

Colouration of females. Antenna black. Head and mesosoma black, face usually with a yellow or brown central face patch, clypeus black, yellow on mouthparts, hind corner of pronotum, tegula, sometimes subtegular ridge, with small to large shoulder marks, and often upper mesepimeron; scutellum at most with a small yellow apical spot. Legs including coxae orange, fore coxa often dark basally; femora orange, hind femur sometimes with a dark apex; hind tibia entirely black or dark brown, slightly paler basally, hind tarsus dark. Metasoma black.

Material examined. Holotype and paratypes of Syrphoctonus melanocnemis Bauer : Germany, Nürnberg, 30.VI. 1967. 1♀, at ZSM ; paratypes: Germany, Nürnberg, 14.VI.1957, 1♀, 4.VII. 1976. 1♀, both at ZSM.

Notes. This species is to date only known from the type series and one female from Finland. The differences from W. flavolineatus are rather small, and it remains to be demonstrated that it represents a distinct species.


Bavarian State Collection of Zoology