Syrphoctonus idari Diller 1985

Klopfstein, Seraina, 2014, Revision of the Western Palaearctic Diplazontinae (Hymenoptera, Ichneumonidae), Zootaxa 3801 (1), pp. 1-143 : 97-98

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Syrphoctonus idari Diller 1985


Syrphoctonus idari Diller 1985

Diagnosis. (Male unknown). Fore wing length 4.1–5.3 mm. Antenna with 18–19 flagellomeres. Epicnemial carina very broadly interrupted behind fore coxa. Mesoscutum with punctures disappearing against the strongly coriaceous background. Propodeum almost devoid of carinae, at most with pleural carina and apex of lateral longitudinal carina weakly indicated, sculpture coriaceous and matt, smoother on petiolar area. Female metasoma compressed posterior to fourth tergite, although this character may vary depending on the preparation of the specimen, first tergite 0.85–1.1 times longer than wide; spiracle of third tergite always distinctly below lateral fold.

Colouration of females. Antenna black. Head and mesosoma black, face without a yellow central face patch, yellow on clypeus, mouthparts, hind corner of pronotum, tegula, shoulder mark, and upper mesepimeron; scutellum black. Legs orange, all coxae black, trochanters usually yellow; femora orange; hind tibia white to light yellow with a dark apex, tarsus dark. Metasoma black.

Material examined. Holotype of Syrphoctonus idari Diller : Germany, Harz, 23.VII. 1964, leg. R.Hinz. 1 ♀, at ZSM . Paratypes examined: Germany, Harz, 17.VI.1964, 1♀; 7.VIII. 1964. 1♀; Solling, 9.VIII.1967, 1♀; all at ZSM . Switzerland, Valais, Brig, 684m, leg. E.Bauer, 25.– 30.VI. 1959. 1♀, at ZSM.

Additional material. Sweden: Västerbotten, Vindelns kommun, Kulbäckslidens försökspark. 15 yr spruce plantation with blue-berry, N 64 °09.270', E 19 ° 35.591 ', leg. SMTP, 01.IX.– 22.IX. 2003. 1♀ GoogleMaps ; Värmland, Munkfors kommun, Ransäter, Ransbergs herrgard. Old mixed deciduous ofrest in stream ravine, N 59 ° 47 ' 25.59 ", E 13 ° 24 ' 54.61 ", leg. SMTP, 10.VII.– 24.VII. 2005. 1♀ GoogleMaps ; Norrbotten, Gällivare kommun, Ätnarova försökspark, Pelttovaara, Vaccinium vitis-idaea pine wood, N 67 °03.103', E 20 ° 23.154 ', leg. SMTP, 30.VI.–08.VII. 2004. 1♀ GoogleMaps ; Västerbotten, Skelleftea kommun, Brännbergets naturreservat. Mixed boreal forest, N 64 ° 54.768 ', E 20 ° 29.984 ', leg. SMTP, 21.VII.– 12.VIII. 2004. 1♀; Uppland, 27.VII. 1909. 1♀; all at NRM GoogleMaps .

Figures. Metasoma ♀ ( Fig. 24 View FIGURE 24 A).


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