Kvaček, Zlatko, Teodoridis, Vasilis & Radoň, Miroslav, 2018, Review Of The Late Oligocene Flora Of Matrý Near Sebuzín (České Středohoří Mts., The Czech Republic), Fossil Imprint 74 (3 - 4), pp. 292-316: 295

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Laurophyllum   sp.

Pl. 3, Figs 1–7

2002 Laurophyllum   sp.; Radoň, pp. 170–171, pl. 1, fig. 6, pl. 2, figs 1–2.

M a t e r i a l s t u d i e d. Leaf impressions PA 1158.2, 1158.6, 1158.7, 1158.8, 1182.1 1182.3, 1189.2, 1189.4, 1349, 1383.1, 1398, 1584.

D e s c r i p t i o n. Impressions of entire-margined pinnately veined leaves with lanceolate blade, acuminate apices and narrow cuneate bases.

D i s c u s s i o n. Such leaf remains occur but rarely in the Matrý plant assemblage. They resemble various fossil species based on details of cuticle structure, such as Laurophyllum pseudoprinceps WEYLAND et KILPPER   , Laurophyllum medimontanum BŮŽEK, HOLÝ et KVAČEK   and Laurophyllum acutimontanum MAI ( Kvaček and Walther 1998)   .