Woodwardia SM.

Kvaček, Zlatko, Teodoridis, Vasilis & Radoň, Miroslav, 2018, Review Of The Late Oligocene Flora Of Matrý Near Sebuzín (České Středohoří Mts., The Czech Republic), Fossil Imprint 74 (3 - 4), pp. 292-316: 294

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http://doi.org/ 10.2478/if-2018-0018

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Woodwardia SM.


Woodwardia SM.  

Woodwardia muensteriana   (C.PRESL in STERNB.) KRÄUSEL Pl. 1, Figs 1–2

1838 Pecopteris muensteriana C.PRESL   in STERNB., p. 154, pl. 36, fig. 2.

1921 Woodwardia muensteriana   (C.PRESL in STERNB.) KRÄUSEL, p. 336, pl. 11, figs 2, 6–8, pl. 12, fig. 4.

2009 Woodwardia muensteriana   (C.PRESL in STERNB.) KRÄUSEL; Akhmetiev et al., pp. 96, 117, pl. 12, fig. 10.

M a t e r i a l s t u d i e d. Sterile pinna PA 1428.1, 1428.2


D e s c r i p t i o n. A fragmentary serrate pinna which shows characteristic areolation of the medial venation and thus allows safe identification of this sterile fern fragment.

D i s c u s s i o n. This fern was occasionally noted in the Palaeogene of the České středohoří Mts. in tuffitic deposits near Březiny (Birkigt) – see the published, but not illustrated, records by Engelhardt (1891; as Woodwardia roessneriana HEER   ). Its main record in the Czech Republic is centred in the early Miocene deposits of the Most Basin, namely in the Most Formation ( Bůžek 1971, Hurník 1978).