Craigia W.W.SM. et W.E. EVANS, W. W. SM. et W. E. EVANS

Kvaček, Zlatko, Teodoridis, Vasilis & Radoň, Miroslav, 2018, Review Of The Late Oligocene Flora Of Matrý Near Sebuzín (České Středohoří Mts., The Czech Republic), Fossil Imprint 74 (3 - 4), pp. 292-316: 300

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Craigia W.W.SM. et W.E. EVANS


Craigia W.W.SM. et W.E. EVANS  

Craigia bronnii (UNGER) KVAČEK, BŮŽEK et MANCHESTER Pl.   10, Figs 5–6

1845 Ulmus bronnii UNGER   , p. 79, pro parte, pl. 25, figs 2–4 (non fig. 1).

1948 Pteleaecarpum bronnii (UNGER) WEYLAND   , p. 130, pl. 21, fig. 5, text-figs 5–9.

1991 Craigia bronnii (UNGER) KVAČEK, BŮŽEK et MANCHESTER   , p. 522.

M a t e r i a l s t u d i e d. Fruits PA 1156.1–2, 1360,

1386.1–2, 1387 (cf.).

D e s c r i p t i o n. Winged broadly oval to rounded fruit valves 10–12 mm wide and 12–17 mm long with spindleshaped medial locule, rarely with a small ovate seed inside. Venation of the wing composed of narrow elongated fields radiating from the locule, steeper in the upper part.

D i s c u s s i o n. These fruit remains conform in size and morphology with other records of the same species, commonly recovered in the Oligocene and Miocene of Central Europe (Kvaček et al. 2004).