Jerdon, T. C., 1851, A catalogue of the species of ants found in southern India., Madras Journal of Literature and Science 17, pp. 103-127: 113

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Gen. Myrmica  HNS  .

Gen: Char: Antennae sufficiently exposed; head triangular, without spines; maxillary, palpi long, of six joints; jaws triangular; three cubital cells in the upper wings, the third incomplete, & c. Such are the characters assigned to this genus by modem authors. Whether the following species all belong to it or not I cannot de-tide, but judging from their differences I imagine that they form at least three groups.

In the first group I shall place two or three nearly allied species, one of which has already been described by Col. Sykes as a Myrmica  HNS  , as that this may be considered the typical group. Of this I have what I imagine to be three species, but all very closely allied to each other.