Cardiocondyla nigra Forel, 1905

Lapeva-Gjonova, Albena, Antonova, Vera, Radchenko, Alexander G. & Atanasova, Maria, 2010, Catalogue of the ants (Hymenoptera, Formicidae) of Bulgaria, ZooKeys 62, pp. 1-124: 19

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Cardiocondyla nigra Forel, 1905


Cardiocondyla nigra Forel, 1905 


Bulgaria [ Agosti and Collingwood 1987a, Radchenko 1995b (as junior synonym of Cardiocondyla batesii  Forel)].


Agosti and Collingwood (1987a) recorded Cardiocondyla nigra  for Bulgaria and Turkey (Thrace), and Radchenko (1995b) repeated this record (under the name Cardiocondyla batesii  that he considered as a senior synonym of Cardiocondyla nigra  ). However, Seifert (2003b) regarded Cardiocondyla batesii  and Cardiocondyla nigra  as separate species. According to him, the first species is distributed in Iberian Peninsula and NW Africa [ Agosti and Collingwood (1987a) recorded it also for Greece], and the latter - in the Iberian Peninsula, North Africa and Turkey. Most probably, both species have distributions that include Mediterranean areas and are absent from Bulgaria; their occurrence in this country needs confirmation.