Pseudoloricaria Bleeker, 1862

Raphael Covain & Sonia Fisch-Muller, 2007, The genera of the Neotropical armored catfish subfamily Loricariinae (Siluriformes: Loricariidae): a practical key and synopsis., Zootaxa 1462, pp. 1-40: 34

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Pseudoloricaria Bleeker, 1862


Pseudoloricaria Bleeker, 1862  ZBK  .

Type species: Loricaria laeviuscula Valenciennes, 1840  ZBK  .

Holotype: MNHN B 365, no type locality. 

Gender: feminine.

This monotypic genus is distributed in the middle and lower Amazon basin. Pseudoloricaria laeviuscula  was collected over sandy bottoms, in clear waters, in the main flow of rivers, and in neighboring temporary ponds (pers. obs.). Sexual dimorphism includes hypertrophied development of the lower lip suggesting that Pseudoloricaria  ZBK  is a lip brooder. The phylogenetic position of Pseudoloricaria  ZBK  is uncertain. This genus closely resembles Limatulichthys  ZBK  in external morphology. Isbrücker & Nijssen (in Isbrücker 1979) considered Limatulichthys  ZBK  to be the most primitive representative of the Loricariichthys  ZBK  group. Consequently, Pseudoloricaria  ZBK  could occupy a basal position among its group, as the sister genus of'Limatulichthys. Rapp Py-Daniel (1997) found Pseudoloricaria  ZBK  and Limatulichthys  ZBK  as sister groups to the Hemiodontichthyina  but didn’t resolve the relationships between these two genera. A key to distinguish Pseudoloricaria  ZBK  ( P. laeviscula  ) from Limatulichthys  ZBK  ( Pseudoloricaria punctata  in Isbrücker & Nijssen1976b) is available in Isbrücker & Nijssen (1976b).