Rabeling, Ch., Cover, S. P., Johnson, R. A. & Mueller, U. G., 2007, A review of the North American species of the fungus-gardening ant genus Trachymyrmex (Hymenoptera: Formicidae)., Zootaxa 1664, pp. 1-53: 2

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[[ Genus Trachymyrmex  HNS  ]]

Trachymyrmex  HNS  is the most species-rich and abundant attine genus in the United States, reaching its highest diversity in the arid Southwest, particularly in Arizona. Trachymyrmex  HNS  is a primarily tropical genus; most species are found in Central and South America. Only a handful of species have radiated north into the temperate zone and these are biologically very interesting. Some North American species are notably cold-tolerant. For example, T septentrionalis  HNS  reaches the northern limit of its geographic range on Long Island, NY, and at this latitude, has a short active season of only four to five months per year (Beshers & Traniello 1994). During winter, the ants and the fungus garden enter extended dormancy, a phenomenon unique among the Attini  HNS  (Weber 1956).