Clarias planiceps

Heok Hee Ng, 2003, Clarias insolitus, a new species of clariid catfish (Teleostei: Siluriformes) from southern Borneo., Zootaxa 284, pp. 1-8: 7

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Clarias planiceps


Clarias planiceps  ZBK  : FMNH 68103, 22 paratypes, 70.8-210.8 mm SL; Borneo : Sarawak, Third Division, tributary of Baleh River, between Sungai Entunau and Sungai Putai .  USNM 323727, 1 paratype, 297.3 mm SL; Borneo : Sarawak, Batang Balui, tributary stream, Batang Belahui . 


USA, Illinois, Chicago, Field Museum of Natural History (also used by Finnish Museum of Natural History)


USA, Washington D.C., National Museum of Natural History, [formerly, United States National Museum]