Adelopsis claudina,

Gnaspini, Pedro & Peck, Stewart B., 2019, Redescription of the ‘ older Adelopsis’ species (Coleoptera: Leiodidae: Cholevinae: Ptomaphagini) based on the analysis of type specimens, Zootaxa 4696 (1), pp. 1-62: 41

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Adelopsis claudina

new species

Adelopsis claudina  , new species

Adelopsis asperoides  ; Gnaspini, 1993: 83 [and Figs. 23–29View FIGURES 17–25View FIGURES 26–27View FIGURES 28–40] (misidentification—Gnaspini, 1996: 540, and see Notes under A. asperoides  , above).

Holotype, male ( MZSP). Type locality and data: Brazil: Minas Gerais State: Montes Claros, Lapa da Claudina (MG- 088, 19º39’39” S 44º00’15” W), X-1985, F. Chaimowicz leg. 4 male paratypes with same dataGoogleMaps  . Notes   GoogleMaps: 1) we here assign as holotype the specimen illustrated in Gnaspini   GoogleMaps (1993); 2) specimens misidentified as Adelopsis asperoides Szymczakowski, 1963 in Gnaspini (1993: 83)  Gnaspini   GoogleMaps, 1996: 540, and see Notes under A. asperoides   GoogleMaps, above.

Short Description (based on figures in Gnaspini, 1993). Data on eyes and wings not observed. Right lobe of the aedeagus with a long arm and apex subrectangular with the apical margin straight, with a curved margin ending bluntly, in lateral view. Flagellum shorter (about half the length) than aedeagus and with seemingly bifid apex. Spiculum gastrale of the genital segment divided at apex, with long branches. Female unknown.

Etymology. The name is given as a noun in apposition, referring to the type locality.

Distribution. Brazil: Minas Gerais State: known only from type locality.

Taxonomic Remarks. The combination of the lateral and frontal views of the aedeagus and size and shape of the flagellum (as in Figs. 23–26View FIGURES 17–25View FIGURES 26–27 in Gnaspini, 1993) seem to help in the recognition of this species. In lateral view, the tip of the aedeagus resembles that of A. luculenta  (see Figs. 190, 192View FIGURES 190–195), but the apical opening of the aedeagus seems to be larger in the latter species and the flagellum is quite different.

This is a good example of the need to carefully examine and illustrate the apex of the aedeagus. Based only on illustrations in Szymczakowski (1963), Gnaspini (1993) misidentified this species as A. asperoides Szymczakowski, 1963  .When he started a revision of the genus and examined types (Gnaspini, 1996), he recognized differences when several views were taken.


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Adelopsis claudina

Gnaspini, Pedro & Peck, Stewart B. 2019

Adelopsis asperoides

Gnaspini, P. 1993: 83